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Public Affairs - Press Release



March 1, 2005

Major Partnership Between Educational Foundations Announced

MATERIALS PARK, OH (March 1, 2005) -- ASM Materials Education Foundation and the NACE Foundation agreed to dramatically expand the degree of cooperation between the two educational organizations in promoting increased interest in applied science & education careers and science literacy among the general public.

Building upon initial success in 2004, the NACE Foundation Board has voted to provide dramatically expanded financial and curriculum support to as many as 10 local Materials Camps worldwide. These Camps are conducted by ASM local Chapter volunteers in partnership with major University hosts and other academic partners.

Materials Camps target both high school students and science teachers, in residential and non-residential formats. Most Materials Camps include over 40 hours of laboratory/classroom instruction. The NACE Foundation support will enable a special emphasis on corrosion engineering.

"Materials Camp has demonstrated impressive results," said Terry May, NACE Foundation Board President. "Its track record and leadership role among materials related professional/technical societies is exemplary. We are proud to partner with ASM Materials Education Foundation and look forward to many additional collaborative opportunities in the near future."

In 2005, the NACE Foundation will provide a multitude of expanded resources:

  • Approximately $10,000 in direct financial support to facilitate student or teacher participant's attendance. Funds are earmarked for participant transportation, food and housing. Each 2005 Materials Camp will receive a $1,000 grant
  • Introduction of a new 4-hour curriculum segment, focusing on corrosion education and awareness
  • Classroom demonstrations and experiment kits which will place emphasis on the various facets of corrosion. These kits will contain all of the equipment, consumable supplies, curriculum recommendations and teacher instructions necessary for the implementation of the experiments in the classroom. They will be distributed at no charge to participating high school teachers at participating locations
  • A colorful story book entitled,"Inspector Protector and the Colossal Corrosion Fighters", an educational tool in illustrated comic book format will be distributed to participating high school teachers.


These resources are consistent with the NACE Foundation efforts to "educate and excite students and the public about corrosion science and engineering." Through a network of local chapters, over 15,000 corrosion specialists work to reduce the estimated $276 Billion negative impact of corrosion each year.

"Our energies are moving in the same upward direction." said Amber Pappas, NACE Foundation Executive Director. "We feel that our organizations have very similar goals and objectives. We are a strong advocate of the ASM Materials Camp, and we will focus on increasing our support and commitment in the US and around the world."

Recognizing the value of the support from the NACE Foundation, ASM Materials Education Foundation will acknowledge them as a Materials Camp "Collaborator". Specific public recognition will include:

  • Verbal and written acknowledgement by organizers, faculty and support personnel
  • Name/logo inclusion in press releases, and other marketing tools
  • Reciprocal links to each organizations website homepage
  • Display of promotional signs and banners with Foundation name/logo in labs/classrooms
  • Allocation of up to 4 hours instructional time in weeklong curriculum
  • Distribution of promotional literature, experiment tool kits and complimentary copies of the "Inspector Protector" story book.

"Our expanded collaboration with the NACE Foundation is further proof of the successful impact of Materials Camp in education," said University of Washington Professor Tom Stoebe, Board Chair of the ASM Foundation. "We are honored and delighted with this support and challenge other professional and technical societies to join the NACE Foundation's active support and partnership with this award-winning program."

For more information, contact Amber Pappas at the NACE Foundation: 281/228-6205; amber.pappas@nace.org.

Corrosion is a naturally-occurring phenomenon commonly defined as the deterioration of a substance or its properties because of a reaction with its environment. Corrosion costs the U.S. more than $276 Billion annually which equates to approximately $1,000 for every man, woman and child. Of the $276 Billion more than 30% could be prevented through the use of optimum corrosion-management practices.

The mission of the NACE Foundation is to educate and excite students and the public about corrosion science and engineering.


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