Department of Defense Corrosion Conference 2011
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The U.S Department of Defense invites your participation in the 2011 Department of Defense (DoD) Corrosion Conference. This highly regarded technical program has an important impact on our military’s readiness, safety, logistics, and cost for both equipment and infrastructure.

Don't miss your chance to be recognized as a leader in your industry to some of our country's leading military professionals.


Session Topics Include:


 Corrosion Management Tools
 Corrosion Prevention and Control Strategies
 Impact of Corrosion Prevention on System Design and      Construction
 Facilities Corrosion Management
 Corrosion Modeling
 Corrosion Fundamentals
 Corrosion Detection
 Corrosion Monitoring and Assessment
 Corrosion Sensors
 Life Cycle Management
 System Engineering

 Accelerated and Outdoor Exposure Testing
 Paints and Coatings
 Paint and Coating Application Processes
 Corrosion Inhibitors and Pretreatments
 Surface Preparation and Coating Removal
 Inorganic Coatings
 Metallic Coatings
 Corrosion Resistant Metallic Alloys
 Corrosion Resistant Materiel
 Other Session Topics-as suggested by
     authors and session organizers

Welcome, DoD Authors!

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Thank you for being a part of the 2011 Department of Defense (DoD) Corrosion Conference (2011DoDCC). The success of this 2011DoDCC is made possible by you, as your participation by briefing in and your preparation of the associated technical paper for your assigned Technical Session makes a direct contribution to the body of technical knowledge of research and technology in the field of corrosion that is also very important to the DoD in carrying out its mission.

This Web site is dedicated to providing you with the resources to submit a high-quality paper and to help familiarize you with NACE/DoDCC policies.

At the top of this page you will find the following:

  DoD Conference 2011 Technical Program
  Download the Conference Technical Program (pdf)

Technical Program Manual for Authors—This manual is your best resource and we recommend that you consult it frequently. You will find:

  • How to Contact Your Symposium Chair
  • NACE Staff Responsibilities and Contact Information
  • Style Guidelines for Symposium Papers
  • A Checklist for Your Paper
  • Sample Pages for Formatting Your Paper
  • And More!

Deadlines for DoD 2011—In order to provide you with the highest quality technical program, all deadlines are final.

  June 1, 2011 Papers uploaded into Confex System
  June 29, 2011 PowerPoint presentations uploaded into Confex System
  July 15, 2011 Final papers must be uploaded into Confex System

Paper Templates—We strongly encourage you to use a paper template as you begin to write your paper. The template will help guide you through the style requirements required for your paper to be approved for presentation. Two templates are available: a template for papers with one or two authors (single author), and a template for papers with three or more authors (multiple authors).

Sample Paper—Included on this page is a high-quality paper that has been formatted in accordance with NACE style requirements. This paper has been provided courtesy of Dick Horvath.

  DoD Conference 2011 Antitrust Policy
  Download the Antitrust Policy (pdf)

Copyright Information—All authors must submit a completed copyright form to NACE before they may present their papers.

Antitrust and Spokesperson Policies—Authors should become familiar with these NACE policies.

Information for International Authors—Find information about acquiring a visa to the U.S. and how to request a letter of invitation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

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