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Welcome to the Department of Defense Corrosion Conference!

The Department of Defense (DoD) is raising awareness of corrosion costs and prevention programs throughout the armed forces and is developing a comprehensive strategy to confront corrosion. Information exchanged between the DoD, private industry, academia, and other government agencies will be used to reduce the negative impacts of corrosion readiness and safety. Corrosion of military equipment and infrastructure costs approximately $20 billion every year, and the DoD is looking for new solutions for personnel who procure, use, and maintain military material, equipment and facilities/infrastructure.


The Department of Defense Corrosion Conference, held every two years, is the best opportunity for government employees and elected officials to discuss ways to advance the corrosion mitigation practices of the DoD.

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The annual cost of corrosion for the military is $20 billion and the government is looking for new technology and practices to lower maintenance costs and reduce asset turnover. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to meet face to face with the high ranking decision makers in the government!

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Conference Committee
Conference Chair Daniel J. Dunmire
Conference Technical Chair Airan Perez
Conference Technical Vice Chair Richard Hays
Conference Technical Vice Chair William Needham

Organizing Committee
Kimberly Andrews U.S. Air Force Corrosion Office
Elissa Bumiller Naval Surface Warfare Center
Steven Carr U.S. Army RDECOM
Timothy Cherry Carrier Planning Activity
Franklin Dement U.S. Air Force Corrosion Office
Daniel Doak U.S. Air Force Corrosion Office
John Andrew Escarsega U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Carl Handsy U.S. Army TACOM
Robert Herron U.S. Army RDECOM
Michael Kane U.S. Army AED
Jack Kelley U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Edward J. Lemieux Naval Research Laboratory
Janice Lomness NASA Kennedy Space Center
Keith Lucas Naval Research Laboratory
Farrel J. Martin Naval Research Laboratory
Craig Matzdorf NAVAIR
Chris E. Miller U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Paul Natishan Naval Research Laboratory
Brian Placzankis U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Robert Ruedisueli Naval Surface Warfare Center
Andrew Sheetz Naval Surface Warfare Center
Pauline Smith U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Mike Spicer AFRL/MLSSO Coatings Technology Integration Office
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