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Mark your calendars for CORROSION 2012!
March 11-15, 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Salt Palace Convention Center

The world's largest Corrosion Conference will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2012. CORROSION 2012 is an opportunity for corrosion industry leaders, executives, and decision-makers to join together for an exciting week of symposia, forums, networking events, and other interactive opportunities. More than 5,000 industry professionals and 350+ exhibitors from around the world attend the NACE Annual Corrosion Conference and Exposition each year.

Welcome CORROSION 2012 Authors

Technical Program Manual | Deadlines for CORROSION 2012 | CORROSION 2012 Paper Templates | Sample Paper | Copyright Information | Antitrust Policy | Spokesperson Policy | Information for International Authors

Thank you for being a part of the NACE CORROSION 2012 Technical Committee Symposia. The success of our symposia is made possible by you, as your participation is a direct contribution to current topics of research and technology in the field of corrosion.

We are dedicated to providing you with the resources to submit a high-quality paper and to helping to familiarize you with NACE policies.

At the top of this section, you will find the following:

Technical Program Manual for Authors
This manual is your best resource and we recommend that you consult it frequently. You will find:

  • A step-by-step guide to the Symposium papers process
  • Information on how to contact your symposium chair
  • NACE staff responsibilities and contact information
  • Style guidelines for symposium papers
  • A checklist for your paper and presentation

Deadlines for CORROSION 2012
In order to provide you with the highest quality technical program, all deadlines are final.

CORROSION 2012 Paper Templates
We strongly encourage you to use a paper template as you begin to write your paper. The template will help guide you through the style requirements required for your paper to be approved for presentation. Two templates are available: a template for papers with one or two authors (single author), and a template for papers with three or more authors (multiple authors).

Sample Paper
Included on this page is a high-quality paper that has been formatted in accordance with NACE style requirements. This paper has been provided courtesy of Kevin T. Milici.

Copyright Information
All authors must submit a completed copyright form to NACE before they may present their papers.

Antitrust and Spokesperson Policies
Authors should become familiar with these NACE policies.

Information for International Authors
Find information about acquiring a visa to the USA and how to request a letter of invitation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


Research in Progress

Accelerated Testing | Passivity and Localized Corrosion | Corrosion Modeling | Coatings and Inhibitors

Sponsored by the NACE Research Committee, the Research in Progress Symposium (RIP) provides a forum for the presentation of information and ideas derived from current or recently completed basic research on select topics as well as opportunities for discussion of these presentations. The symposium includes both invited and contributed presentations.

The RIP at CORROSION 2012 is chaired by Christopher Taylor (Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico).

Four RIP sessions will be held:

  • Passivity and Localized Corrosion
  • Corrosion Modeling
  • Accelerated Testing
  • Coatings and Inhibitors

Accelerated Testing
Chair: James Dante, Southwest Research Institute
Vice Chair: Douglas Hansen, University of Dayton Research Institute

The focus of this session will be the development of improved accelerated test methods. Of particular interest is the fundamental understanding of corrosion mechanisms as they relate to improved test methods for predicting corrosion behavior under atmospheric, aqueous, and non-aqueous exposure conditions. The practical implementation of mechanistic studies into accelerated test methods is also of interest. Contributions may include experimental and modeling studies and should focus on recent results and research currently in progress.

Click here to submit your abstract.

Deadline for submission is December 2, 2011

Passivity and Localized Corrosion
Chair: Nick Birbilis, Monash University
Vice Chair: Hongbo Cong, DNV Columbus Inc.

This session will deal with all aspects of localized corrosion of passivating metals, including (but not limited to) stainless steel, Al alloys, Ni alloys, Ti alloys, etc. The localized corrosion phenomena of interest include pitting, crevice, intergranular, and exfoliation corrosion. Fundamental aspects of localized corrosion including initiation mechanisms, transition to stability, damage accumulation, inhibition, and modeling are of particular interest. Contributions should focus on the latest results and research currently in progress.

Click here to submit your abstract.

Deadline for submission is December 2, 2011

Corrosion Modeling
Chair: Christopher Taylor, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Vice Chair: Andrzej Anderko, OLI Systems Inc.

Presentations that describe the development, implementation, validation, and application of corrosion models are sought for this session. Models that seek to illuminate corrosion mechanisms, describe stochastic elements of corrosion, or predict time dependence are of particular interest. The session is open to deterministic, probabilistic, or empirical modeling efforts. Techniques for model validation and quantifying uncertainty are also strongly encouraged.

Click here to submit your abstract.

Deadline for submission is December 2, 2011

Coatings and Inhibitors
Chair: Gerald S. Frankel, Ohio State University
Vice Chair: Mariano Iannuzzi, GE Oil and Gas

Presentations on corrosion-protective coatings and corrosion inhibitors are encouraged for this session. Of particular interest are environmentally friendly systems, accelerated testing of coatings and the relation to field exposure, and lifetime prediction of coated systems. Other topics of interest include the mechanisms of inhibition, improvements and measurement of coating adhesion, mechanisms of coating degradation, and advanced experimental methods for coating and inhibitor assessment.

Click here to submit your abstract.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the Research in Progress Symposium, please contact Christopher Taylor, Chair, or call Linda Goldberg at 281-228-6221.

Deadline for submission is December 2, 2011

Exhibitor Information

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Exhibitor Prospectus
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Exhibitor Contract
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Sponsorship Form
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Sponsorship Opportunities

Learn More About Utah!

Airport Transportation | Public Transportation | Restaurants and Bars | Liquor Laws | Climate in March

Here are some quick facts that will get you acquainted with the "Best of the West".

Airport Transportation

The airport is just 10 minutes from downtown. Taxis, limousines, buses, and shuttles provide airport service to anywhere in the valley and to local ski resorts. Many hotels provide complimentary airport shuttle service.

Click here for more airport information.

Public Transportation

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) provides over 100 bus routes throughout an 1,800 square-mile area. UTA also provides light-rail service, airport transportation, service to ski resorts in winter, and door-to-door transportation for disabled passengers. A free fare zone is available downtown.

Click here for more public transportation information.

Restaurants and Bars

From great American classics to dining options from every corner of the world, you will find exactly what your tastebuds are craving for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eat hearty to keep up your energy - Salt Lake also boasts a vibrant nightlife with nightclubs, sports bars, piano bars, pubs and martini bars; which means there's plenty here to keep you up long after the sun goes down.

Click here for more restaurant and bar information.

Liquor Laws

Misperceptions abound when it comes to Utah's liquor laws. It is as easy to get a drink in Salt Lake as it is to order a meal. Can you drink in Utah? Absolutely yes ... even on Sunday. Like other major cities, Salt Lake has bars, brewpubs, and restaurants that serve alcohol seven days a week. The "membership requirement" to enter bars was removed in 2009. If you're over 21 you can walk into a bar, order a drink, and enjoy.

Click here for more information on liquor laws.

Climate in March

The average daily temperature in March is 43.1 F / 6.2 C.


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