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Winter 2011
Volume 2, Number 1
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Comments from the TCC Leadership: Building Alliances


A Letter from the NACE Publications Committee


Checklist for


"Overdue" Standards—
What are They?


Meetings and Agendas:
Who Will Fill Your Shoes?

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Comments from the TCC Leadership:
Building Alliances

NACE is continuing its efforts to foster integration of ISO Standards with NACE standards, and vice versa wherever possible. There are already three standards that are dual ISO/NACE standards, and now we are ramping up our efforts to accelerate this process with other strategically important standards.

To further this goal, we have formed a special TCC ad hoc committee comprised of TCC members as well as other NACE committee members who have had experience working within the ISO standards environment. Read more...


A Letter from the NACE Publications Committee

The NACE Publications Committee is developing an RFP process to solicit new book proposals based specifically on the technical needs of our membership. We are seeking your input during CORROSION 2011 regarding technical topics that would serve the needs of your committee members but are not presently available through the NACE bookstore.

Please take the opportunity to visit the NACE Bookstore while at CORROSION 2011, share this request with your committees, and let us know of any topics you believe are not adequately covered by our current selections. Read more...


Checklist for CORROSION 2011

CORROSION 2011 marks NACE’s 66th annual conference, and we are looking forward to another exciting event this year. We have created a checklist to assist you with preparing for your week so you can maximize your time to get the most out of our conference.

We also have several new features available through the NACE Web site—including our dynamic schedule and day-at-a-glance—to help you plan your week. Read more...


"Overdue" Standards—What are They?

If you are a member of a technical committee, you have probably heard the term overdue standards. But what does that mean? Overdue in this case means a standard is past its required review date.

Standards developed by most standards-developing organizations, including NACE and the majority of U.S. standards developers as well as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), require that standards be reviewed and either reaffirmed (meaning the technology is still current and the only changes that can be made are editorial), or revised (meaning the technology has changed or there is new technology available that needs to be included in the standard), every five years. Read more...


Meetings and Agendas: Who Will Fill Your Shoes?

CORROSION 2011 is just weeks away, but meeting planning has been in progress since last summer. Chair persons hosting meetings were asked to submit their request to book a room well in advance of the conference. And as part of the process, conference meeting Agendas are published on the NACE Web site by staff four weeks prior to the conference. (So that’s why staff asks for your Agenda so many months before conference.) Templates are available on the Web site to assist with creating your meeting Agendas. Read more...

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