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2nd Quarter 2014
Volume 5, Number 2
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Leadership: Technical Committee Participation


TEG 474X – Nanotechnology and Corrosion


Dr. Harvey Hack Elected President of NACE International


Something to Celebrate …


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Something to Celebrate …

TCC Service Recognition Awards

NACE’s Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) recognizes members who have participated in leadership roles by presenting them with a plaque to acknowledge their contributions to technical committees. This year the following members received a plaque.

Florent Bocher, chair, CORROSION 2014 Student Poster Session; Neil Thompson, CORROSION 2014 Plenary Lecture, “What a Career in Corrosion Can Mean”; and David Kolman, Technical and Research Activities Committee (TRAC) chair, 2012-2014.

The following members were recognized for their dedication and leadership as 2012-2014 Specific Technology Group (STG) chairs: Ray Posgay, STG 02; Donald T. Greenfield, STG 04; Sarah Evans, STG 06; Ian G. Winning, STG 08; Todd A. Thomas, STG 10; Jorge A. Suarez, STG 30; Richard M. Thompson, STG 32; John J. Wodarcyk, STG 34; Fushuang Cui, STG 36; Samuel L. Zelinka, STG 38; Rajwant S. Bedi, STG 44; Raul B. Rebak, STG 60; Jose R. Vera, STG 62.

The following members were recognized for their dedication and leadership as 2012-2014 Technology Management Groups (TMG) Program Coordinators: Carlos Palacios, TMG C2; Saadedine Tebbal, TMG N1; and Lietai Yang, TMG S.

The following members were recognized for their dedication and leadership as 2012-2014 TMG Technology Coordinators: Kat Coronado, TMG C1; and Gary Coates, TMG N2.

Service Milestones Award

Several times a year, NACE’s Technical Coordination Committee (TCC) recognizes members who have achieved service milestones by presenting them with a lapel pin to acknowledge their years of technical committee service. This year the following members received a service pin.

Members who celebrated 40 years of service included Leo Hutton, Samuel T. McLaury, Ronald J. Twigg, and Jerry P. Woodson.

Those with 30 years of service included Kat Coronado, William M. Cox, Peter Elliott, Charles Henderson, Paige A. Herbert, Anthony J. Murty, Zafer Olgac, Larry D. Paul, David J. Pleyel, Michael E. Rogers, Brian Saldanha, Guenter Schmitt, and Steven W. Turner.

Those with 20 years of service included John M. Brodar, Monica M. Chauviere, Gary E. Coates, Gary E. Jenneman, Lorrie A. Krebs, Claudia C. Pierce, Tony Poulassichidis, Dan Ruane, Timothy C. Schaffer, Antony V. Semerad, Sridhar Srinivasan, Samuel L. Vessel, Terry M. Williams, and Brian M. Willis.

And members with 10 years of service to NACE included Fred Addington, Velu Balraj, Nick Birbilis, Peter Bock, Cliff Cracauer, Larry J. Curry, Peter Felton, Hua Guan, A. James Henderson, Mark D. Hilton, Alyn Jenkins, Ulf H. Kivisakk, Robert S. Lilard, Ruben Muro, Stephen R. Olenich, Sadegh M. Parvizi, Bruce A. Pint, Sunder Ramachandran, Vilupanur A. Ravi, Raul B. Rebak, Scott Rice, Craig Smith, Yuhua Sun, Steward L. Usrey, Ian G. Winning, and Lietai Yang.

A heart-felt “Thank you” and “Congratulations” from NACE staff to all NACE members for the time and expertise you have provided to the organization and corrosion industry during your years of membership and participation in technical committees.

Historical Technical Committee Membership

Technical Activities and Research Staff have an on-going project of awarding years-of-service pins to technical committee members. This is not the NACE membership award. It is the Technical Committee length of service award pin recognizing NACE members for their years of service on technical committees.

If you would like to review your record for accuracy (the number of years that you have been serving on Technical Committees, not your years of NACE membership), please visit the Technical Committee Historical Registration page on the NACE Web site. If the information needs to be updated, you can enter the correct information.

If you haven’t logged on as a NACE member, you will be prompted to do so. Then you will be directed to a page that lists the oldest committee you are a member of and the date you joined the committee. Below that is a field titled "Committee member since," followed by an editable date field. If the date shown in that field is not correct, please enter the correct date. Then, click "Update." You will then see a page that says, "Committee membership records updated successfully."

Many of you may have been technical committee members for a very long time, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact beginning date. In that case, please use your best “guesstimate.” January 1 of the first year you served on a technical committee is acceptable.

Thank you for your time and patience with this endeavor to update our records and recognize members’ service on technical committees.

If you or another NACE member has recently received industry recognition, we’d like to acknowledge you/them in a future issue of the TCC e-Newsletter. Please submit your name or the member’s name you wish to nominate, contact information, and a brief description of the recognition (e.g., published a paper, received an award for excellence …, etc.) to Trudy Schreiner at



If you have questions or comments, please e-mail us at
The TCC e-Newsletter is published quarterly by the NACE Technical Activities Department.

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